I Am Hip-Hop Magazine


I Am Hip-Hop Magazine was officially launched in October 2012. The magazine is mainly focused on the youth market of UK, featuring articles, interviews, reviews, events calendars in different sections such as:

  • Poetry
  • Visual Arts
  • Education
  • Indigenous People
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Identifying the relationship between conscious arts and the youth, the I Am Hip Hop magazine’s primary aim is to educate, inform and provoke the minds of young people in London; promoting positivity, culture and social awareness, with its easy carry design and its accessible price of £1, the magazine became a favourite read within the youth.

I Am Hip-Hop magazine is currently produced 3 times per year its 10,000 copies are distributed in London, Sao Paulo, Portugal, Atalanta and New York through shops such as Tate Modern and Housmans Bookshop, I Am Hip-Hop magazine is also distribute in various events and sold online through the website’s shop.

Please visit our online magazine! http://www.iamhiphopmagazine.com/


i am hip hop magazine at tate modern

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